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St. Rita’s Religious Ed 2021 Advent Nativity Coloring Contest for Kindergarten - 8th Grade

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Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest

Msgr. S. B. Witkowiak Council 697 of the Knights of Columbus, in cooperation with the Wisconsin State and Supreme Councils of the Knights, is sponsoring the Catholic Citizenship Essay Contest, open annually to all Catholic students in public, private, parochial schools or homeschooled, grades 8-12.  Non-Catholic students in Catholic schools, parish CCD programs, etc. are also eligible.

This year’s theme is: "Describe some everyday obstacles to living a life of authentic faith, and how to overcome them, while providing examples from your own life." The essay is to be 500-700 words. Contest guidelines can be obtained from the Wisconsin State Council website (, the Supreme KC website (, or from State Program Director William Frayer ([email protected]).

Essays will be judged at the Council (local), State and International levels. Winning students will be awarded gift cards, medals or plaques, ribbons, Certificates of Merit. Essays are to be written in October and November. They are due to Councils NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 1, 2021. We can arrange to pick them up as needed.

For more information or to have essays picked up, please contact:
 Bill Frayer 2339 Meachem St.  53403 633-7887 [email protected]
 Paul Noelke 6517 River Meadow Turn  53402 886-6408 [email protected]
 Jim Sisak 1140 N. Sunnyslope Rd. #208  53406 884-9505 [email protected]

"Culture of Life” essay contest

Msgr. Stanley B. Witkowiak Council 697 of the Knights of Columbus invites all students, grades 7 – 12, to compete in the annual statewide “Culture of Life” essay contest. The theme for this year’s contest is “Bullying and Social Marginalization Often Lead to Depression, Substance Abuse and an Ever-Increasing Suicide Rate Among Teens and Young Adults. What Can You Do or Are Doing to Counteract and Reverse These Trends Among Your Friends and in Your School, Parish and Community? How Can This Help to Promote the Culture of Life in Our Society?”

All students in Public, Private, or Parochial schools or homeschooled are eligible to participate.

Essays are to be written during the month of October. They are to be 250 – 350 words for grades 7 - 8, 300 – 450 words for grades 9 – 10, and 400-600 words for grades 11 - 12. Essays are to be written or typed, 1 ½ or double-spaced, on 8 ½ x 11 white paper using only 1 side of the paper. Ruled white paper may be used for handwritten essays.

No identification (name/grade) may appear on the essay. Every essay must have a title on the essay, preferably not the theme. Only original work of the participant may be submitted. Quotes and citations of fact may be used but expressions of the contestants’ ideas in their own words is important. Judging will be based on Expression of idea, Originality, Factual correctness, Relationship to the theme, and grammar, spelling, etc. Students are encouraged to use their imaginations. They are not to use their name in the essay however.

Competition is in the students’ grade level only! Contest information has been supplied to all local private, parochial, and public middle and high schools. Any student is free to enter the contest as they choose. Judges will evaluate the essay anonymously and, therefore, do not know the name of the student, their religious affiliation or their school. Religious affiliation or lack of it is not considered in judging! Local, Diocesan and State awards include gift cards, plaques, medals, ribbons, and Certificates of Merit.

All essays are due no later than December 15, 2021 to one of the persons listed below. Student Information Sheets and Student Submission Forms can be obtained from them. They can also provide more information or assistance as required and pick up the essays if necessary. Information/Resource options and Student Submission Forms can also be obtained by checking the state KC website

 Bill Frayer 2339 Meachem St.  53403 633-7887 [email protected]
 Paul Noelke 6517 River Meadow Turn  53402 886-6408 [email protected]
 Steve Jansta 2809 Norwood Dr.  53403 554-6376 [email protected]
 Jim Corona 2118 Shoop St.  53404 632-8137 [email protected]
 Jim Sisak 1140 N. Sunnyslope Rd. #208  53406 884-9505 [email protected]