Altar Servers

Ministry of Assistance at the Altar

Altar servers have the opportunity to be involved in a very ancient ministry of service to our God and his holy church. This ancient tradition began during the second century and continues to be a most special way of serving the church. The ministry of Altar Server is in every sense of the word a privilege!

Serving at Sunday mass is the heart of the altar server’s ministry. Also, altar servers serve at all solemnities and feasts of the Liturgical Year - such as Christmas and Easter. Additionally, altar servers enrolled in our parish school serve at the mass for our school community.

What We Do: The privilege of serving at the altar brings with it something called responsibility. Some of the responsibilities are to arrive 15 minutes before mass begins, to get properly dressed in a server’s robe, to help get everything ready for the mass, and to light candles that will be used during the liturgy. Above all, as a servant to the community at large, the altar server is called to be respectful to all the people with whom he or she will be working.

Qualities of Ministers: Children wishing to be altar servers must be in fifth grade or higher. The ministry includes boys and girls. All servers must have received their First Holy Communion and should be responsible, honest and committed to the ministry. This includes regular attendance at Sunday mass. Servers must be willing to assist when other servers are unable to attend their assigned mass, and they must secure a substitute for themselves should they be unable to fulfill their assignment at a particular mass.

When and Where We Meet: Altar servers are ordinarily rotated on a four-month schedule. Three servers are assigned to the 4:45 and 10:30 masses; two are assigned to the 8:00 mass. They are contacted by email and given a chance to sign up when servers are needed for special liturgies such as Christmas, Holy Days of Obligation, the Triduum liturgies, etc. 

Training for New Members: All new altar servers need to complete a training process in preparation for their ministry of service.

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