"The Lord God has given me a well-trained tongue, that I may
know how to speak to the weary a word that will rouse them."
Isaiah 50:4
What We Do:  Being a lector is much more than just being a good reader.  The Word of God is proclaimed during the celebration of the mass, and the role of the lector is to reveal God’s presence in His Living Word to his people.  Lectors also lead the congregation in praying the Prayers of the Faithful, and they read announcements at the end of mass.
Who We Serve:  St. Rita Parish community.
Qualities of Ministers:  Lectors must be willing to serve the needs of the parish.  They must be reliable and cooperative. They must believe and understand what they read and demonstrate reverence for the Word of God in the performance of their ministry.
Skills/Talents of Ministers: Lectors should be comfortable speaking in front of others. They should have excellent oral communication skills and a passion for proclaiming the Word of God to others.  They must be willing to assist when other ministers are unable to attend their assigned mass and they must secure a sub for themselves should they be unable to fulfill their assignment at a particular mass.
Time Involved: Two ministers are assigned per each weekend mass. Lector 1 proclaims the first reading and also leads the congregation in praying the Prayers of the Faithful. Lector 2 proclaims the second reading and reads the announcements at the end of the mass.   Ordinarily, each minister will be assigned to serve 5-6 times in a four-month scheduling cycle.  Approximately fifty percent of the time, the minister will be assigned to serve as lector 1, the other fifty percent as lector 2.  Lectors are expected to spend time at home preparing the readings before they come to mass. Lectors are contacted by email and given a chance to sign up for special liturgies such as Christmas, Holy Days of Obligation, the Triduum liturgies, etc. 
Length of Commitment: There is no set length of commitment.  At the end of each four-month schedule, a minister has the opportunity to withdraw from service by contacting the ministry coordinator.  
Meetings and Training:  There are no formal meetings other than the trainings that are made available to the ministers in order to review current guidelines and procedures before ministering for the first time.
Contact: Sharon Gierahn; jsgierahn@sbcglobal.net