Christian Formation

Journey Catholic Kids will be used for our children’s religious education ministry (PreK-Grade 5), Journey Catholic Youth will be used for our religious education youth ministry (Grade 6-11) and Journey Catholic Adults will be used for adult formation.

The name Journey Catholic was chosen because our Christian Catholic faith is not stagnant; in fact, our faith should constantly be moving us and reawakening our spirits with the grace that flows from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  When we attend Mass, we find community as we partake in the holy Eucharist and come together as the body of Christ.  That same communal atmosphere should be present within all formation opportunities: when we broaden our horizons at our parish and our diocese, when we attend retreats and classes, when we volunteer our time and treasures and when we spend time with our families putting the Gospel into action.  God never wanted us to do life alone.  Therefore, our new branding, Journey Catholic, is a recognition and reminder of Christ’s unending, overwhelming and unbelievable love for all people, no matter where they are on their faith journey.

As a parish community, it is important to provide formation opportunities for children, teens and adults alike.  As adults, we recognize we are our children’s first catechists and their role models in faith.  With that being said, my personal goal is to help create lasting relationships between parish members of all ages, while providing opportunities for your entire family to grow in faith of Jesus Christ.

 When Christ taught people, healed them, forgave their sins and died for us, He did not pick and choose who would come to the banquet of the Lord.  He instructed us to go out and invite every person that we meet to share in the banquet of Christ.

Therefore, let’s journey together in what will be an amazing year of faith sharing and growth.  The formation opportunities in this coming year will reawaken your spirit and help you grow as a child of God.  Some of these opportunities include: large group gatherings for the entire family, a wide range of speakers who will share their faith and how it relates to a certain topic, chaperoning service projects, small groups for adult formation, formation class opportunities for all children and youth, take home activities in our sacramental programs, and so much more.