SCRIP Fundraising

The Scrip Program is one of the easiest ways to help fundraise with no extra effort. Scrip sells gift cards that turn everyday shopping into cash for our school and tuition credit for you! You can use these gift cards as birthday and Christmas presents, your weekly grocery shopping trip, or even filling up your gas tank. Scrip offers a wide variety of gift cards for major retailers to local vendors such as Milaeger’s, O&H Danish Bakery, Culvers, Infusino’s, and more! Visit for a full list of all the retailers.

How Does It Work?

When you order, you pay the face value of the Scrip you ordered. Major retailers give our school a “kick back” anywhere from 1% to 20% of the amount spent. During certain holidays and throughout the year, various retailers will even have bonuses when the percentage increases for a period of time. The school splits that percentage with the option of paying down your tuition, helping another family with tuition, or donating to the technology programs.

Create an Account

  1. Go to the website,, click “register” then “join a scrip program.”
  2. Enter St. Rita School’s enrollment code: 84C8E41L1236
  3. Fill in all required information and click “register.”
  4. You are all ready to begin ordering! Scrip coordinators can also set up your account if needed.

Ordering & Picking Up Your Scrip Order

  1. Complete the Annual Scrip Agreement/Waiver form and return to Scrip Coordinators or the school office (see forms at the bottom of the page.)
  2. Place your order at any time through the website!
  3. Payment can be made through these two options:
    1. Sending a check to the school, made payable to: St. Rita Scrip
    2. Using Presto Pay that links your online account to your bank account (See form below).
  4. Payment must be received before 8:30 AM on Monday, Scrip is distributed on Friday afternoons. (Exceptions apply when school is NOT in session).
  5. You can choose to have your Scrip orders delivered to you, or you can pick them up in the school office on Friday afternoons.



Scrip Program Information Sheet

Scrip Agreement/Waiver Form


Presto Pay Information


Scrip Coordinators

Therese Fellner,