School Governance

The School Advisory Commission(SAC) serves as an advisory body to the school principal with focus on the function of Saint Rita School. The SAC assists with policy development, identification, and expression of the educational goals and objectives, budget planning, marketing and public relations. 

This committee is responsible for the creation of subcommittees in performing the functions of the SAC. SAC members serve on and report their activities to the SAC monthly. The subcommittees include: 

  • Accreditation Subcommittee - assists principle as needed with school accreditation plans, which operate on a seven-year cycle. This committee meets with staff and administration as needed.
  • School Satisfaction Survey Subcommittee - conducts and compiles results of the School Satisfaction Survey; plans for other needed surveys of staff, students, parents; assists with follow up of data to improve programs and policies.
  • Nomination Subcommittee - prepares postings for the school newsletter and parish bulletin to seek nominations during the month of April. Typically, 2 SAC members, appointed by chairpersons in march, assist in discernment process.
  • School Handbook Subcommittee - reviews the school handbook and recommends revisions to policies.
  • Ad Hoc Subcommittee - receives/investigates concerns about current policies.
  • Constitution Subcommittee - responsible for updates to the SAC Constitution as needed. 


There are 4 independent committees that the SAC oversees which include:

  • Marketing and Development Committee - The purpose of this committee is to brainstorm/develop and publish marketing and recruitment materials, maintain St. Rita's Royal Ambassadors, and plan orientation events for incoming parents and students. They also help in various ways with the annual Golf Outing, Brick Campaign, Parish Holiday Breakfast and Children's Enrichment Fund
  • School Enhancement Committee - This committee works with the principal to plan for school improvements in facilities, environment, and enrichment to directly benefit students. The SEC runs a majority of the school's fundraisers, manages Teacher Appreciation events, and hosts family oriented events. 
  • Athletics Committee - The Athletics Committee organizes and enables St. Rita's youth to participate in Racine Parochial Athletics League within guidelines and regulations by the Archdiocesan. This committee offers a variety of sports such as volleyball, cross country, basketball, and track and field, and organizes and leads an awesome group of coaches and volunteers who are committed to providing our children with an affordable, competitive, and fun athletic environment. They host and coordinate volunteers for the RPAL basketball tournament.
  • Technology Committee - The main goal is to keep the technology updated as needed for both the school and the parish. They create a three and five year plan for technology and create a repair and maintenance plan. SCRIP is the main ongoing fundraiser for technology projects.