Religious Education

The Religious Education at St. Rita is called Sowing the Seeds*.  We work in a collaborative format with St. Paul the Apostle parish to provide ministry to our parishioners of all ages.  Sowing the Seeds includes Religious Education programs for pre-K through 12th grade, as well as various programs for all ages. 

Religious education instills knowledge about Catholicism within each child.  The students deepen their understanding and meaning of their faith within their own lives through their course work and community help.  As their understanding grows, so does their relationship with God.  This program is a comprehensive course that is taught by catechists at each grade level.   It is comprised through weekly classes that are structured to an hour long sessions. Elementary religious education enrolls students in preschool through Grade 5.  You may contact our offices at any time.  The contact information is listed below.  May God bless you and guide your journey in learning the Catholic faith. 

*By June this year, we will not be collaborating with St. Paul. This page will be updated with new information in June.  

Rebecca Gaertner (Christian Formation Coordinator)

- Office: Christian Formation Office @ St. Rita (262)639-6280

- Email:

Olga Rodriguez (Christian Formation Secretary)

- Office: Child Ministry Office @ St. Rita (262)639-6280

- Email:


Leticia Gutierrez Kenny (Director of Youth Ministry)

- Office: Christian Formation Office @ St. Paul the Apostle (262)886-0530

- Email: