1. How do St. Rita students do on Achievement tests?

The school's scores on the IOWA tests are high. We are satisfied to score well while serving a wide range of students, but such scores are not our main focus. The main focus is our religious and academic commitment to each child

2. What are your hours of operation? Do you have extended care?

Students enter at 8:05am, and dismissal begins at 3:10pm. The school office is open most days from 7:45am to 4pm. We offer beore and after school and vacation-days day care and supervision through the parish's CARES program, from 6:30am to 6:pm most days of the year

3. Is the Kindergarten half-day or full day?

We have full-day Kindergarten that includes the full range of academic and special subjects, paced for an early-childhood environment.

4. Do you have programs for gifted and remedial needs?

Though we cannot accept students who need individual education or adaptations requiring extra personnel, we teach a wide range of students. We have a Reading instruction block grade 1-5 that allows for acceleration, and we provide the services of a part-time Resource Teacher. Our school programs are strong; we emphasize and foster good study skills, and we have high expectations.

5. Will my child be bused to school?

Families residing within our parish boundaries are eligible for busing. Our boundaries are: lake Michigan on the east, the Milwaukee County Line on the north, Nicholson Road on the west, and Three Mile Road (extended out to Franksville) on the east, plus the area of North Green Bay Road as far as River Bend Drive. We have many families who drive to Saint Rita School daily from other areas. Carpooling is possible. 

6. What if we are not parishioners or not Catholic? 

Though the school is operated by and for Saint Rita Parish, we welcome others as well. Tuition is slightly lower for our parishioners and for those who are active at other Racine Catholic parishes. Tuition amounts are found on the tuition contract, in the registration packet, or you can contact the school office for tuition information.

7. Is there a scholarship program or tuition help available?

We can offer partial-tuition assistance to enrolled families who are also St. Rita parishioners, meant to help with a financial crisis or with multiple children enrolled. We cannot promise tuition support at the time of enrollment. For those who cannot afford tuition for the day school, the parish also offers Religion Education through the after-school weekly programs for children and youth.